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Lower the Cost Of Your Motorcycle Insurance

A lot of people don’t know any of these little tips and tricks for lowering the cost of your motorcycle insurance. Everyone knows about keeping a clear driving record and owning a less expensive, smaller machine. But these unusual tips may surprise you.motorcycle insurance

Handcuff Your Bike

Insurers often give discounts to policy holders that have an alarm, disc lock or store their motorcycles in a garage at night. Saving money on your motorcycle insurance should be reason enough, but add to that the safety of your beautiful beast and it becomes difficult to argue against such a precaution. More information here

If your motorcycle is kept locked tight and safe, the insurer need not worry about possibly paying out the cost of a new bike should yours be stolen.

Go Back To School

You can reduce the rates on your motorcycle insurance by taking riding safety courses. When shopping for your motorcycle insurance be sure to ask how much you would save by taking such a course. A small bit of time spent reviewing the basics can never hurt, can it?

If you have taken a safety course the insurer will classify you as a safer driver and give you a better price.

Multiple Driver Discount Party

If you have a young rider with points on their record then you will have to pay more. If you are a younger rider and able to put an older person on the policy that has no recent violations, then you could benefit from a lower rate. Adding an adult relative with an excellent driving record is your best bet for lowering the rate on your motorcycle insurance.

Use this knowledge to your advantage and calculate in advance who should be included on the policy and who needs to be left off.

Ride Your Bike Less Often

Another factor used to judge you is how many miles you ride your motorcycle each year. If you ride many, then you have a higher risk of having an accident. Insurers will want to know if your motorcycle is your sole means of transportation, primary means of transportation or merely a recreational vehicle.

Leave the lady lonely, and you will likely lower the price of your premiums on your motorcycle insurance. (This is a terrible idea!)

Pay for Your Insurance Annually

Paying for your motorcycle insurance monthly is a feature that costs you more. Not everybody can afford this option. You can often pay for a 6 month policy upfront and build up your reserves for the next 6 months during that time.rv insurance

If you can afford to do so, you should pay for your entire policy annually or semi annually.

Ride Safe

Keep your eyes and mind aware of what’s going on around you. Expect a vehicle to pull out in front of you at every possible opportunity. Always wear your protective gear and avoid accidents if you can.

Having an accident or making a claim for damages will usually cause your motorcycle insurance rate to go up.

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